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Demonstration site Abricos Platform

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Demonstration site Abricos Platform

We have created a demo site Abricos Platform for you so that you can self-assess all the content management system (CMS) and remote desktop (WebOS) for you and your users..

On this site we want to show in action designed modules, such as blogs, online shopping, news, classified projects, Notepad, Calendar, and other.

Only there are some limitations demonstration site. He works in the Read Only. This means that changes made to the site will not be saved.

To enter an administrator use account:

User name (login)   demo
Password demo

So there are other accounts with different roles: proger (password: proger), secretar (password: secretar), userhead (password: userhead)

And we want to emphasize that Abricos Platform is completely free open source software licensed under GPL v2.0.

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